About project

The project Development of the LLL Concept at the University of Montenegro will develop an LLL strategy  to enable renewing and strengthening of links with labour market and industry, by including all stakeholders and strengthening their partnership, and, more concretely, by developing a comprehensive database on graduates, their employment rate, as well as identifying profiles lacking at the labour market. It will address recognition of prior learning and enable returning adult learners follow some additional courses, trainings suitable to their needs and aspirations, and make them find appropriate employment in society and become active citizens.

Basic information

The broad aim of the project Development of the Lifelong Learning Concept at the University of Montenegro is to improve learning opportunities in Montenegrin society at large and increase employability. This will be achieved through the development of university LLL strategy.

Taking into consideration the diversified needs and fast changing requirements at the labour market, the idea of creating LLL strategy becomes a priority at the higher education reform agenda, with the wider impact on the whole society.

Currently in Montenegro there are no flexible learning paths for learners outside the formal education. As a result of that, qualifications, certificates and diplomas obtained out of the formal system of education cannot be recognized; knowledge, skills and competences cannot be validated at all. Furthermore, adult education exists, but it does not have a systematic approach.

The specific objective of the project is the creation of a favourable environment for enabling flexible and adaptable courses and modules  so as to keep pace with the fast changing labor market needs by defining an institutional LLL strategy, developing model courses and modules adapted to the needs of various learners and teacher training for delivery of courses, creation of better links with the world of labor, raising of awareness and promoting of the idea of LLL in the society in general, matching of courses offered and the real needs existing at the labor market.

The project aims to develop the Lifelong Learning strategy for the University, thus enabling introduction of the new concept. Taking into consideration the activities envisaged, and the role that the University of Montenegro has in general, there are going to be clear reflections to the society as a whole, working towards establishing firm partnerships with the labour market and industry, raising awareness on broader level, introducing new legal framework, etc.