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The project Development of the LLL Concept at the University of Montenegro will develop an LLL strategy  to enable renewing and strengthening of links with labour market and industry, by including all stakeholders and strengthening their partnership, and, more concretely, by developing a comprehensive database on graduates, their employment rate, as well as identifying profiles lacking at the labour market. It will address recognition of prior learning and enable returning adult learners follow some additional courses, trainings suitable to their needs and aspirations, and make them find appropriate employment in society and become active citizens.

University of Alicante - Spain

The University of Alicante, apart from offering student courses on all levels and research possibilities through the work of its research centres, is considered a point of reference for a large number of firms to which it provides technical assistance, technology transfer, student training programmes, post-graduate studies and continuous training. It is also an appreciated reference point for international relations.

 The UA Centre for Continuing Education was established in 1998 and its initial focus was on Continuing Professional Development Programmes. In the early 2000s an Adult Education Unit was established and the Centre has subsequently developed as a significant educational provider in Alicante region . The Centre is now in the process of consolidating its position as a local educational provider whilst also reorganising and re-positioning itself to be at the leading edge of development in Lifelong Learning regionally, nationally and internationally.

The University of Alicante has significant experience in the process of continuing education, and in cooperation with the industrial partners. Their experience in developing necessary institutional support in the process, namely, through the existing Centre for Continuing Education and Adult Education Unit and their activities, will serve as one of the excellent starting points in designing the adequate support structures at the University of Montenegro. Also, their experience in the field of international projects will contribute to the establishing good dissemination and coordination mechanisms within the project. 


Campus de Sant Vicent del Raspeig, Ed German Bernancer 99

E-03080 Alicante




web: www.ua.es/en/centros/index.html