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The project Development of the LLL Concept at the University of Montenegro will develop an LLL strategy  to enable renewing and strengthening of links with labour market and industry, by including all stakeholders and strengthening their partnership, and, more concretely, by developing a comprehensive database on graduates, their employment rate, as well as identifying profiles lacking at the labour market. It will address recognition of prior learning and enable returning adult learners follow some additional courses, trainings suitable to their needs and aspirations, and make them find appropriate employment in society and become active citizens.


Lifelong learning promotional video

Promotional video about introduction of Lifelong learning into educational system and courses planned at Faculty of Tourism and Faculty of Applied Physiotherapy is made as a part of project activities. Video is about the process of introduction of LLL concept into Montenegrin social environment for the first time, as well as about expectations of students. You can watch it here.

LLL Strategy adopted

University Senate adopted Strategy of Lofelong Learning at the University of Montenegro  yesterday. This important step in implementing LLL goals will contribute to the University efforts in raising awareness of importance of LLL in the whole society, and help academic and wider community in understanding of LLL.

Round table in Chamber of Commerce

Round table The recognition of prior learning and flexible learning paths was held yesterday in

Chamber of Commerce of Montengro, as part of Dellco project activities.

The purpose of the meeting was presenting information on procedures and possibilities for development and recognition of prior learning in education of adults and lifelong learning, as well as informing the participants about ways of introducing such procedures at the University of Montenegro.

Workshop on Recognition and Flexible Learning Paths

As part of project activities, the workshop on recognition and flexible learning paths was held on 6-7.July in Milocer, Montenegro. The representatives of University of Montengro, partners from European universities and social partners (Ministry of Education and Sport, Employment Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Centre for Vocational Education), participated in the meeting.

Partners from European universities had the opportunity to hear about existing laws and procedures regarding higher education in Montenegro, national qualification framework and recognition of foreign educational certificates.


Visit to Aarhus University

Representatives of UoM Rectorate, Faculty for Tourism and Hotel Management, Faculty for Applied Physiotherapy and UoM social partners visited the University of Aarhus last week.

Visit to the University of Alicante

Representatives of the Rectorate and of the Faculties for Toursm and Hotel Management and the Faculty for Applied Physiotherapy, as well as representatives of social partners visited the University of Alicante in the period from 19-23 March. The second study visit to this university was aimed at becoming familiar with the best practice in prior learning recognition, flexible learning paths, manner of module development, as well as criteria for module accreditation.

Cooperation Agreement between Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and the University of Montenegro Signed

President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Velimir Mijušković and the rector of the University of Montenegro prof. dr Predrag Miranović signed on 9 March 2012 an Agreement on Cooperation between these two institutions.

Public debate on the Draft Strategic Plan for Embedding Lifelong Learning at UoM held

Public debate on the Draft Strategic Plan for Embedding Lifelong Learning at UoM was held on Monday, 5 March in the University Rectorate. The Vice - rector for international relations prof. Mira Vukcevic presented the content of the document and forthcoming activities to the representatives of the media, University and social partners in the project.

Public debate on the Draft Strategic Plan for Embedding Lifelong Learning at UoM

Public debate on the Draft Strategic Plan for Embedding Lifelong Learning at UoM has been scheduled for 5 March at 11:00.

Coordination Meeting

Coordination meeting of the Tempus project Dellco was held on 1-2 February in the Rectorate of the University of Montenegro. Representatives of all project partners took part in the meeting. Apart from an overview of first year project implementation and the monitoring visit of EACEA which took place in November, the meeting was an opportunity to plan activities to be undertaken in year 2 and schedule the events and meetings to be organized as part of year II activities. The Draft  University Strategic Plan for LLL was presented as well as the design of the portal for enabling communication between the university and companies.

Agenda of the Meeting

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